Qualcomm Screwed Up, Thats Why Google Wants to Make New Chips

Google is looking to develop its own smart phone CPUs as well as GPUs, based on new news, because it cannot find mobile processors which could push Android gadgets into new worlds associated with virtual and augmented fact. Camera and picture processing performance will also be areas Google requirements help with, based on Ars Technica.

Qualcomm Screwed Up, Thats Why Google Wants to Make New Chips

These gossips have been kicking about for two many years, in various types. In 2013, the actual scuttlebutt was that Google wanted to develop chips to lessen the reliance on Intel. Which was followed up within 2014 by some reviews that made it crystal clear Google was concentrating on data center techniques. By a month ago, it began to look like Google wanted better GPUs as well as image processing because of its Chromebooks. Right now the rumor is all about enabling VR as well as AR experiences on tablets and cell phones.

This really is Qualcomm's Problem

Google's current needs come simply because Qualcomm epically screwed this season.

Under western culture, and particularly in the US. Qualcomm features a near-monopoly on Google android CPUs as well as modems. Intel as well as Samsung nibble round the edges, however Qualcomm's strength is definitely its capability to integrate Microprocessors, GPUs, as well as 3G and 4-G modems in ways which fit into small deals and make wireless service providers very comfortable. I have heard from several cell phone manufacturers while each uses other parts somewhere else, they always consider Qualcomm within the US. because Qualcomm chips are much simpler to make it through FCC and service provider approval procedures.

However Qualcomm's lineup this season has been broadly considered disappointing. The organization rose to smart phone prominence by doing its very own proprietary riffs from the standard ARM processor chip designs that many businesses use. However it was caught away guard last year through Apple's in order to 64-bit, as well as rushed out a number of range topping 64-bit chips using much more generic ARM styles. First, the actual Snapdragon 810 was belittled for overheating issues. The actual Snapdragon 808 doesn't get hot, but it's smashed by current Samsung as well as Apple chipsets on overall performance. As well as downmarket Snapdragon chips, such as the 615 as well as 410, you do not have the GPU energy Google needs for any push into digital fact.

This can be a big portion of why Qualcomm continues to be calling journalists virtually every two weeks regarding following year's Snapdragon 820 processor chip. The 820 might be what we desired and expected through the 810, along with optimized custom cores which don't overheat and a good industry-leading GPU. All of us how to start. Nobody's examined it however.

Apple company Rules, -nvidia Drools

The issues aren't just along with Qualcomm. For some time, -nvidia was tipped to become Qualcomm's performance-oriented rival. But the organization} couldn't make its  chips small enough and awesome enough for many mobile phones, and couldn't safe design wins. Google visibly attempted to buoy Nvidia upward by using the K1 chip within the Nexus 9 tablet, but that did not assist.

Nvidia's part is important simply because Google's supposed virtual/augmented fact strategy involves lots of graphics the processor, as well as Nvidia's processors will always be superior upon GPU to each Qualcomm's current generations as well as standard ARM styles. Nvidia has got the graphics chops to meet Google's requirements, but couldn't close off the offer.

Intel's Atom cpus have sub-Qualcomm GPU overall performance, so there is help originating from Santa clara. Downmarket, we now have Mediatek, that can be battling valiantly to offer the competitor in order to Qualcomm, but offers so far only been successful at offering comparable overall performance at affordable prices.

Emerging over the entire motley group are samsung, Huawei, and particularly Apple. Apple company currently makes, undoubtedly, the very best ARM processors in the industry, as well as doesn't let any Google android vendors make them. Samsung as well as Huawei are catching upward fast, as well as Samsung's latest Exynos 7420, observed in the Universe S6 and Note five, also crushes the actual Snapdragon 810.

It requires years to build up a new chip, but Google's already been working on this for a long time. I believe the company would rather not to need to be a processor chip designer. This entire initiative strikes me being an insurance plan, like exactly how Samsung has always held an extra OS inside the back pocket just in case its relationship along with Android goes southern. In case Qualcomm and Intel do not get their acts with each other to deliver chips which enable the graphics encounters Google wants, Google may actually cash this particular policy in-and that might be disastrous for the chip giants.

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