Siddhesh Naik Talking about Lenovo maps technology in 2016

Siddhesh Naik Talking about Lenovo maps technology in 2016

Siddhesh Naik, director of Enterprise Business Team, Lenovo India, says the information center and storage specifications are prompting enterprises in order to scale up existing facilities - preferably without challenging too many purchases of terms of price, energy and area.

Within the positive part, the quantum of information available is allowing companies utilize it with regard to analysis to gain useful insights into the working of their companies.

Here are some trends all of us saw within the last 12 months and which all of us expect to continue nicely in to 2016.

Protection is the best issue
Enterprises will always be worried about security; however in the last 12 months, security is becoming more importantly. Clients and employees are challenging access to information at any time, anywhere and any gadget; but simultaneously, the actual threat getting deadlier than ever before. For that reason companies have to maintain the good balance between productivity as well as protection.

Clients today are searching for the ease of a solitary management console for many infrastructure levels, be it the actual compute coating, hypervisor, social networking, fabric or storage space. Hyper convergence allows businesses to grow their own infrastructure as so when it is required, by means of foundations. This removes the need for in advance investments and extensive provisioning for development.

Stats is starting to arrive old
There have been huge with regard to business analytics within India, with primary decision making becoming current. Using real-time data, production cycles are being prepared every day, depending on current need. This can be a massive enhancement over the earlier procedure where manufacturing plans had been done in per week or week.

High end Processing
High end Computing (HPC) offers seen a great investment within 2015. This really is expected to considerably go up within 2016 / 17. Government of India has announced their cost of 4500 cr for your National Super computing Objective. This mission brings super computing inside the reach of enormous Scientific and Technologies Community in the united states - within areas such as Weather conditions Forecasting, designing automobiles, aeroplanes, enormous structures like high increase buildings and bridges as well as infrastructure, discovery of recent life saving medicines, discovery and removal of new energy finding including oil, gas, and so on

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