Lenovo OneLink Pro Dock Performance Review

Lenovo OneLink Pro Dock Performance Review

Lenovo OneLink Pro Dock: Style and Features
The actual OneLink Pro Dock is not quite a package, since it offers angled sides giving it a far more triangular presence. The housing is actually dark gray, the near-black that should match up whatever Lenovo product you utilize it along with. The sides from the dock possess a matte complete, but the top panel is a shiny, mirror-like dark. The unit steps 5.3 through 1.9 through 3.6 ins (HWD) and weighs 1.06 lbs. The small dimension makes it the ideal choice for packed desks, but it is also a boon concern, since it can small enough to stick into the pocket of the new laptop bag.

Prices and Performance
Having a list associated with $179. 99, the actual OneLink Pro Dock much more affordable than most of the docking options we've seen, such as the CalDigit Thunderbolt Train station 2 $196. 99 in Amazon as well as Dell Wireless Boat dock D5000. While all those options use more costly technologies in order to connect for your laptop-Thunderbolt as well as WiGig, respectively-the immediate simplicity from the OneLink connector provides pretty much exactly the same experience, with no disadvantages.

Linking the dock is really as simple as insert in the OneLink connection, which is not a more difficult compared to plugging in your energy adapter-it even shares exactly the same port. You might, still need to eliminate a rubber plug cover from the OneLink slot on the laptop-OneLink-capable laptop computers, such as the ThinkPad Yoga fifteen, include this include to prevent confusion whenever connecting the laptop power-adapter. The boat dock itself requires plugging right into a wall store, but since the actual dock also charges your own laptop, keep in mind that monopolize another outlet. As soon as you're plugged within, you're a-ok.

Inside my testing, I had been able to link a number of peripherals towards the Lenovo OneLink Pro Dock with no trouble, such as external hard disk drives, flash turns, monitors, as well as various keyboards and rodents (both wired and wifi via USB recipient dongle). As stated above, the utmost resolution provided by the DisplayPort link does vary, based upon if you are linked to a single keep track of or two. For all those using 1,920-by-1,080 complete HD monitors, this particular won't be a problem. Any greater than that, still and you'll have to keep the quality limits in your mind. Some internet surfers have reported connection problems when using exterior monitors, but I had been unable to reproduce those issues inside my testing.

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